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This bracelet serves as a beacon of hope and a testament to your ability to rise above any challenge life throws your way. The carefully chosen words echo the truth that, with God's strength, you can rise above any circumstance. It's not just a bracelet; it's a daily affirmation that encourages you to persevere and emerge stronger.

The Prayer I Share Bracelets are designed to be a symbol of strength, resilience, and faith. But these bracelets are not meant to be kept to oneself. Instead, they are meant to be shared with others in moments when encouragement is needed the most. We believe that by supporting one another, we make each other stronger.

The durable cord ensures that your bracelet stands up to the rigors of your active lifestyle, with you through your toughest workouts and everyday adventures.

  • durable polyester cord
  • alloy accents with silicone coating
  • waterproof, sweatproof
  • slide adjust fits most wrists