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Music for reflection and meditation that allows for a more profound prayer life and a deeper spiritual experience.

In the busyness of today, we could all benefit from time set aside to quiet our minds and hearts, to talk with God and, more importantly, to listen to God and his calling in our lives. This new collection from well-known pastoral care ministers Carey Landry and Carol Jean Kinghorn-Landry serves this purpose beautifully.

The collection contains instrumental arrangements of some of Carey's well-known compositions that serve as the foundation for the spoken prayers and guided meditations. Though each meditation will resonate differently depending on the listener, the main themes of the spoken prayers are God's gracious love, his call in our lives, and contemplative silence and prayer. Other themes include caregiving, grief and the absence of God.

The songs labeled "meditation" could be described as a personal prayer derived from the words or the theme of the original song itself, whereas the "guided meditations" ask specific questions and use repeated words or phrases to help the listener stay focused. Ideal for personal prayer, retreats, days of prayer and renewal, ministry to those who are ill or dying, and comfort for those who have experienced a serious loss, these songs will enrich the prayer life of all seeking a deeper spiritual experience.