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FeastDay! is totally-Catholic new board game for two or more players or teams that introduces players to colors, symbols, saints, holy days, feast days, and more!

Christine from Florida said:

I played this game with my 7th grade Catechism class. They loved It! I was concerned their enthusiasm was disturbing the classes next door. We played with 3 teams of 6-7 students. We added a “steal” feature so all teams would carefully listen even when it was not their turn. If the team had the wrong answer, the next team in line could answer for the card. The game did a great job reinforcing things they had been learning all year and introducing things we have yet to discuss. I would definitely buy this game to increase the fun factor of teaching catechesis!

Joyce Donahue, Catechetical Associate, Diocese of Joliet Religious Education Office

This would be a great addition to any home or classroom to test knowledge of Catholic liturgical basics and encourage learning about the liturgical year by children, parents and even teachers and catechists. The graphics on the board are colorful and engaging, the game play simple enough for younger children. There is a nice variety of questions that can appeal to all ages.

Laura, Mom in North Carolina:

My 8 year old opened the game today and said- “This is so cool- it’s like Candyland but Jesus style”. Thank you for creating such an amazing Catholic product!

Ages: 6 & up
Players: 1- 4 (or you can play in teams, too)
Time to play: 20 minutes or so