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Custom Repair and Refinishing
Most metalwork can be refinished for far less than the cost of new. Our craftsmen are trained to restore items of old manufacture, discontinued items, and products from many different current manufacturers.  

Simply Amazing!
This is a recent refinishing and replating project we completed. The chalice was plated in two tones (24 kt gold and silver).

Before & After Tabernacle:

These items had been stored in a sacristy closet for many years. The liner for the vase was lost more than a decade ago. The damage was repaired. The items were refinished and the liner was replaced. The church now has "new" appointments and the congregation can enjoy service with "old friends."

This old crucifix was broken when it dropped. The damaged cross was repaired and some color was added as well as a new stronger joiner.

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What our clients say:

The chalice just arrived and looks marvelious. It is 10x better then our expectations and has saved us hundreds of dollars over buying a brand new one. Our Priest was also very surprised to see it as I set it out for mass today so he would notice it, and it is hard to miss! Thanks Again!

Amanda L. Thomson