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The Growing Tree

The Growing Tree is our signature donor recognition display. Designed to be expanded by adding on sections of leaves, this tree starts with 100 leaves and grows to 200 leaves, 300 leaves, or more.

Individual leaves are mounted on clear acrylic panels, making installation easy. The trunk and branches are cast in bronze, or can be carved in wood with your choice of stain. Many of our tree accessories were created to coordinate with this design.

Growing Tree Add-On
Increase the size of your tree by adding new sections. The leaf count varies based on the section number. Please contact your dealer if you would like to add a specific quantity of leaves.

Leaves ~ The Growing Tree
The leaves from our Growing Tree donor wall are available in assorted metal colors. Each leaf measures 3 ¼” wide x 2” high. Different colors are often used to distinguish each level of giving in a donor recognition program.

If your campaign is not yet complete, we can provide you with blank leaves to keep your tree looking full. You can then return the leaves to us for engraving as you increase your donations. We pre-drill holes in each leaf, which makes installation easy.

The total number of characters that will fit on a leaf may vary with different font styles and sizes. If there is a specific font that you are interested in, please contact us. We will gladly help you determine the appropriate maximum character count.Ships with a full-size mounting template, mounting hardware, 2 drill bits, and a screwdriver.