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Damascus Rose Incense

Of all of our different church incense, Monastery Incense Damascus Rose is our most popular fragrance. Always pleasing without the choking our burnout so often associated with lesser varieties.

Monastery Incense

Since 1985, thousands of churches throughout the United States have discovered Monastery Incense is the solution to "the incense problem" in their parish…and it can be the answer for your parish, too! The highest quality church incense should burn smoothly and evenly, and this is exactly what you will discover in Monastery Incense.

What makes Monastery Incense unique?

  • consistently pleasing and long-lasting fragrance
  • no choking or burnout
  • doesn't "gum up" and kill the charcoal
  • no more "incense allergies"

Each fragrance of church incense is available in 12 oz and 6 oz packages, and now our six most popular fragrances are also available in the quarter pound size.

New package sizes, same superior incense
Monastery Incense is crafted from a unique formula using the highest quality gum resins and natural aromatics, specially imported from Sumatra, Somalia, and India. Over the past twelve years, though our costs have steadily risen we have not raised prices nor compromised our formula. Now we are introducing new, smaller packages, to continue offering you the highest quality incense for your worship at budget-friendly prices.

"Our priest and many of our older people were allergic to incense.... until we found Monastery Incense. Our priest has reintroduced incense into our services!"
Dr. Thomas M., Columbus, Ohio

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Dmascus Rose Incense

I was not happy that this item was not in stock when I ordered it.

But now that it has arrive I am VERY PLEASED with the incense! the smell is GORGEOUS and it burns nicely.

The only other problem is there was no indication HOW to open the can. I had to take it to our church where the deacon showed me how to pry it open! I suggest some written instruction should be included when sending this product out to customers.

Thank you for visiting us today! May God Bless You!