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Morning, Mid-day, Evening & Instrumental Medley of Catholic Favorite Hymns

A selection of traditional daily prayers with a background of favorite Catholic hymns.

Know for their Mediational music, Mr. Heinzl and his wife have now completed a great CD for those who prefer to pray along with other voices. The soft hymn background is a soothing accompaniment. This CD is already a favorite among our more seasoned customers who live alone or who are in assisted living, but it's a wonderful CD for anyone who appreciates time honored Catholic music and the Divine Hours.

List of Songs:

1 Prayer of Thanksgiving
2 Prayer to St. Michael
3 Our Father
4 Hail Mary
5 Glory Be
6 Apostles Creed
7 Morning Offering
8 Salve Regina
9 Act of Contrition to the Sacred Heart of Jesusu
10 Acts of Faith, Hope & Love
11 Te Deum
12 O Domina Mea
13 Confiteor
14 Anima Christi
15 Angelus
16 Magnificat
17 Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary
18 Memorare
19 Prayer to St. Joseph
20 Silent Prayer for Friends & Relatives
21 O'Salutaris Hostia
22 Tantum Ergo
23 Divine Praises
24 Veni Sanct Spiritus
25 Sub Tuum Praesidium
26 Regina Coeli
27 De Profundis
28 Prayer for the Faithful Departed
29 Ave Maria Stella
30 Late Evening Prayer
31 Examination of Conscience
32 Act of Cantrition
33 Closing Prayer
34 Guardian Angel Prayer
35 O Lord I am Not Worthy
36 Jesus My Lord My God My All
37 To Jesus Heart All Burning
38 Holy Mary Motehr Mild
39 Bring Flowers of the Rarest
40 Queen of the Holy Rosary
41 Mother Dearest Mother Fairest
42 O Santissima
43 Tis the Month of Our Mother
44 Daily Daily Sing to Mary