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In this incisive work, Bill Donohue pulls no punches as he contends that our moral crisis is a reflection of two competing visions of morality — one religious and the other secular. The former is grounded in our Judeo-Christian tradition, the latter in radical notions of liberty and equality that are tearing us asunder.

Donohue explains how the religious vision acknowledges belief in God, truth, human nature, natural law, moral absolutes, and Original Sin. It understands the limits of the human condition and thus rejects the notion that human perfectibility can be realized on earth. The secular vision believes none of this, and its adherents are bent on destroying the last vestiges of our religious heritage.

Weaving together examples from the earliest centuries to the Enlightenment to modern times, Donohue seamlessly lays out how to restore our moral code so that the mainstreaming of madness is terminated and rolled back. You will find answers about:

  • The immorality of legal decisions and their after-effects
  • The connection between freedom and truth — and the secret to their restoration
  • Whether all cultures and civilizations are morally equal
  • The balance between individual rights and the common good
  • The importance of natural law and reason in guiding society
  • What is filling the void of secularization (You will be shocked!)

Additionally, Donohue exposes religious bigotry toward Christians in America and sounds the alarm for governmental accountability since free speech is no longer tolerated when it opposes the approved narrative. The secular vision, he further attests, embraces and promotes radical ideas about sexuality that work to the detriment of individuals and society. Donohue explains how accepting the postmodern, sexually decadent views of “intellectual visionaries” has historically led to violent chaos in other cultures — and may well do so again.

Donohue probes the deep-seated animus that secular intellectuals hold against Western civilization —the United States in particular — and concludes that many have simply given up on their utopian dreams and turned to anarchism and nihilism. He stirringly reveals how their deeply flawed vision of man and society is the source of what ails us and how we will have to recapture our religious roots to restore normalcy. There is no third way.

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