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Marty Haugen has joined with composer colleagues Fr. Michael Joncas and Tony Alonso to produce a new collection of 13 songs for worship.

The music reflects a wide diversity of musical forms and styles, from the classical “Lauda Sion” (Joncas) to the beautiful “In the Arms of God” (Alonso) to the call-and-response “God Is Still Speaking” (Haugen).

Psalm settings, communion songs, and songs for specific feasts (e.g., Ash Wednesday, Easter Vigil) with texts by Susan Briehl, Mary Louise Bringle, Delores Dufner OSB, John Fennelly, Alan Hommerding, and James Quinn SJ ensure that there is music here to enhance any community repertoire.


1 God Is Still Speaking
2 This Day God Gives Me
3 Sing Praise to God
4 I Will Bless the Lord
5 Tell the Gospel's Boundless Riches
6 In the Arms of God
7 Christ Be Near at Either Hand
8 As We Gather at Your Table
9 One in the Heart of Christ
10 Sign Us With Ashes
11 Lauda, Sion, Salvatorem
12 O God of Exodus
13 God Sends Us Forth

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