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A beautifully illustrated Bible storybook specially designed for children ages 4–8, featuring stunning illustrations by Little House on the Prairie artist Doris Ettlinger and 50 well-known stories from Scripture that celebrate the fullness of the Catholic faith.

If you’re looking for a unique Catholic Bible that honors the Lord through a celebration of God’s Word, look no farther than the one-and-only Catholic Book of Bible Stories. Each story ends with a:

  • “God’s Blessing” section—emphasizing the key message from the Bible story
  • “Faith to Grow” section—text that personalizes the story, tying it to Catholic faith and traditions
  • Prayer that applies to the story

And for extra fun and hands-on learning, you and your child can enjoy the activities section included at the end of the storybook. Catholic Book of Bible Stories features:

  • 50 stories from Scripture that are simple for children ages 4-8 to read and understand
  • Engaging illustrations that keep children focused

Whether as a First Communion, baptism, or Christmas gift, or just to share the light of God’s Word with a loved one in your life—children will experience the Bible like never before.

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