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Twenty Bible stories come to life, engaging your little ones ages 1 - 4!

This collection of twenty Bible stories is drawn from both the Old and New Testaments. Introducing children to God's Word in a simple and hands-on way, this board book offers a unique Baptismal or baby shower gift for the special child in your life. Each story is told through short narrative sentences and dialogue, capturing the limited attention spans of young children. Accompanying each story are interactive elements that keep little ones actively engaged in their reading experience, encourage reading comprehension, and reinforce basic cognitive skills. Children are invited to part the sea like Moses, count the people in Bethlehem, find stones for David's slingshot, say "Hosanna" aloud, distinguish fish of different sizes and colors, and identify God's creations. A comforting, faith-filled message often concludes activities, reminding children of God's love.

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