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Here at last is a children's Bible that combines the action and excitement that young people crave with the clarity of Catholic biblical scholarship.

Every book of the Bible is represented, with pride of place given to the Gospels and the Acts, together with the great narratives of the Hebrew Scriptures that constituted Jesus' heritage and now form part of our own.

Through these pages march the colorful events and stories of salvation history, shown in relation to the civilizations and cultures that helped to shape Gods people.

Ages 9 - 12

Features include:

  • Presentation page; record page for reception of the sacraments
  • Introductions to the Scriptures, to the Old and New Testament, and to each book of the Bible
  • 147 illustrations
  • Seven maps, accompanied by historical notes
  • Clear explanations and illustrations of what makes each Gospel distinctive and precious
  • Pronounciation glossary
  • Time chart, situating important events and persons
  • Other tips for parents and teachers.

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