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Angel Guardians of Home & Family Retablos Pocket Token

"We call upon you to enter in. Come close and share in our work and play, as we patiently and lovingly guide our children, and tenderly care for our sick and our old. May there be food enough for body and soul, and warmth for heart and home. Oh blessed ones keep from our door the darkness and the strife of the world away. Soothe our hurts. Amplify our love, and help us fill our home with the peace and joy."

Retablos are a devotional folk art form from Mexico and the Southwest US. They are small paintings on wood of Catholic saints and angels. To create these affordable heart-felt paintings of saints, angels and blessings, the artist has brought to the folk art of Retablo making, all the skills and passions through a lifetime of drawing, woodworking and painting. Moved by the sacred art of the retablo paintings and the santeros (saint makers) who made them, pieces are hand carved and painted on traditional ponderosa pine planks. Then a decoupage of the high quality prints are applied onto pine boards, in an old school technique used for the Italian altar screens of medieval Europe. This process has made these high quality printed retablos affordable. These unique items are ready to hang or rest about the house, in a pocket or on an altar. On the back of the retablos is a story of the saint's life. Many of them also have a prayer.


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