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Father Steve Gallagher knows what is needed every day for our police officers.

He was one himself for 30 years
before turning in his badge (the sign of one calling)
for a Roman collar (the sign of his new one).

He has been a Catholic priest since 2011.

In his introduction, he addresses his fellow officers:

"Officer needs assistance!" "Officer needs a priority backup!"
How many times in our careers have we heard that?
How many times have we responded, without hesitation?
How many times have we requested assistance? (And received it?)
How many times have we prayed,
"O Lord, I am calling, hurry to me, listen to me, I am invoking You."
(Psalm 141:1)

In our vocation as law enforcement officers we ask for assistance in almost every shift we work and fully expect to receive it. The sense of relief and assurance we experience when we hear that responding, wailing siren or see the celestial flashing of emergency lights is quite comforting.

Not only do we seek assistance, but so do others. On a daily basis we are called to serve and to protect others seeking assistance in their time of need. Once we receive that call we should respond to the best of our ability. However, can we do better, both personally and professionally? How about spiritually? I believe we can and it seems to me that one of the ways we can accomplish this is through the power of prayer.


  • Prayers to start and end every shift (weekdays and holidays)
  • Prayers for eleven different special assignments
  • Prayers for continuing conversion and right judgment
  • Prayers for those we protect
  • Prayers for those who break our laws
  • Prayers for those who are addicted and abused
  • General prayers throughout the day
  • Two complete examinations of conscience
  • Scripture to know that God strengthens you every moment

Prayers written and compiled from Scripture, tradition, and the saints by: Father Steve Gallagher
Spiral bound (so it lays flat on the open briefcase beside you)
154 pages
5" x 7.5"