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A columbarium is a respectful structure that has small spaces, or niches, to hold cremated remains of the deceased. Cremation has been allowed by the Church since 1963. According to the Order of Christian Funerals cremated remains (cremains) are treated with the same respect given to the body from which they came. The cremains should be buried in a grave or entombed in a mausoleum or columbarium.

Columbaria's are becoming a popular alternative for those who wish to memorialize loved ones outside the traditional cemetery. Our Italian design team and excellent fabrication process allows for endless options for custom columbaria.

Many parishes are building columbariums to offer parishioners a forever resting place on their sacred parish grounds. Many parishes are building custom columabriums and setting them in new, prayerful additions and or gardens on their properties.

Why A Columbarium?

SpiritualThe columbarium is a place where you and your family can be inurned in a religious setting.

SimplifyThe columbarium eliminates the pressure of choosing a burial site, casket and monument. Inurnment and memorial service can be in one location. It also offers a practical and comfortable way to make advance plans relieving your family of making difficult decisions at an emotional time

SavingsA niche in the columbarium is significantly less expensive than an in-ground burial.

Location… The columbarium is located on the church grounds usually in a garden or prayerful indoor setting that will provide a place of beauty and comfort where family and friends can meditate, pray and remember.

The custom designed columbarium shown here are all hand crafted in Italy by Progetto Arte Poli. Progetto Arte Poli is a studio inspired by the Renaissance workshops, where still today as in the past, different techniques coexist and intertwine for the creation of unique works. The studio creates an aray of artwork such as artistic stained glass windows, mosaic art, fresco paintings, sculpture, and wrought iron restoration. Each work of art is the result of a skilled master craftsmen, artist, designer or technician. Visiting the laboratory is an extraordinary experience, a small journey through time. Here you can discover ancient values that remain unsurpassed in the field of art work. Each work is filled with manual skill, dedication, patience and passion. Poli Arte becomes a studio capable of shaping every material into created unique artworks, conceived to meet the particular needs of the client.