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Monastery Incense Lily of the Valley 12oz. and 6oz.

Floral Fragrance

Monastery Incense is carefully handmade from the highest quality aromatics according to an exclusive process which ensures perfect blending. Discover for yourself with Monastery incense is the most popular incense in thousands of parishes throughout the USA.

  • A varied selection of exquisite fragrances
  • No choking or "burnout" or "gumming up"
  • Consistently pleasing and long-lasting scent
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Not The Product I Saw In The Product Photos

I have been shopping some time for Lily of the Valley incense comprised of pellets rolled in a white powder, From the picture on your website, I thought I had finally found it. However, when the product arrived, it was more loosely packed pellets with no powder coating. Instead, the pellets were a reddish brown color. Testing the incense indicated that the smell was somewhat liike the incense I thought I had ordered but not as sweet and strong as the Lily of the Valley incense I had purchased in the past. I would really appreciate telling me how/where I can find the incense I have ordered and received in the past.