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Arte Grosse 115-14514 Mitre: Silk 58 - 7 1/4 White-Purple

For 233 years the atelier of Arte/Grossé has been gracing the sacred spaces of churches across continental Europe with exquisite liturgical creations worthy of the rich, historical traditions that past entails. Blending the highest quality European fabrics and handcrafted tailoring with personalized service, Arte/Grossé has established a well-earned reputation for creations of surpassing beauty and quality.

Since 2001, the creations of our professionally trained and certified artisans have been available to our North American customers and we have earned a reputation for being a liturgical leader by blending our “old world” traditions with the modern technologies available in our industry today.

In 2005, Arte/Grossé acquired Renaissance Design, a leading North American liturgical design studio to increase the depth and scope of the atelier’s offerings. The fusion of the design styles created by this venture has resulted in inspirational works worthy of any sacred space.

With the demise in 2010 of the world renowned Stadelmaier company, Arte/Grossé acquired the rights to some of the best recognized liturgical designs in the industry that we have incorporated under the name Kreation Kevelaer.

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