Catholic Supply of St. Louis, Inc.

Serving the Faithful Since 1960

The statue is carved in maple wood and scumbled with oil colours.

as an angel dressed as a young knight, with a flaming sword, with a shield, while defeating the devil or a dragon

Feast day:
September 29th

Germany and the German towns of Jena, Zeitz, Ohrdruf, Schlüchtern, of Bruxelles, Kiev, Archangelsk, Alghero and Pomarico (both Italy), Haag (Austria), Mont-Saint-Michel, the archdiocese Seattle, the Catholic Church, churchyards, the orders bearing his name, apothecaries and merchants (because of his attribute the scales), bakers, bankers, wood turners, glaziers, painters, radio experts, tailors, gilders, lead- and pewter-founders, the dying, the poor souls, against lightning, storms, the plague and for a good death

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