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The Gift of You ©

by Debbie Heydrick and Lisa Robertson

Children are a gift from God, created by His hand.

Each is wrapped uniquely, according to His plan.

He breathes in them the breath of life and numbers all their days,

Appoints to each a purpose, according to His ways.

He chooses very carefully to whom He sends each one,

And then He waits expectantly as each gift is undone.

One day God wrapped a special gift. Inside it He placed you.

He then delivered it to me and watched what I would do.

Instead of opening up my gift, I gave it back to Him

Choosing to give up the life that He had placed within.

I wish there was a way that He could send you back to me.

For now the treasure of your life my eyes would surely see.

The gift of you has changed my heart, more than words can say.

And now that I'm forgiven, I am longing for the day

When I can open up my gift and see you face to face,

And finally hold you in my arms in God's eternal place.